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Retro Look emulates TV, VHS tapes, glitches and other effects. Great solution for jam projects, 80's/90's/Retro/VHS/Glitch/TV look.

It will give you lots of options and easy to implentation. Just slap it on your camera, adjust preset and you're good to go.

Getting started

Profile-based settings
Blend effects through local or global volumes

Supports both deffered and forward rendering
Custom render ordering

Lightweight Render Pipeline support
Standalone and Post Processing stack v2 effects.

Fully suitable for Desktop, mobile, WebGL. Works with Unity 5 and 2017/2018/2019
Cinemachine support
TV effect
Emulation of TV screen
  • Image warping
  • Rescale resolution
  • Horizontal scanlines
  • Light/Dart masks adjustments
  • VHS effect
  • Noise Textures to emulate interference
  • RGB Separation with angle adjustment
  • Vertical alignment distortion.
  • Horizontal wave distortion.
  • Glitch one
    Periodic digital disturbances
  • Speed and stretch effect controls
  • Glitch two
    Digital image block damage.
  • Amount and block size controls
  • Pulsating vignette
    Simple vignette with blinking feature
  • Pulsating speed control
  • Vignette amount control
  • Getting StartedResources and documentation
    Get latest version on your favorite store
    Read usefull instructions to start using Retro Look.
    Get latest API and Documentation
    Watch extra screenshots, videos, live examples